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Yatra Music’s Latest EP ‘Virtual Friends’- An Amalgamation of Thought, Groove and Everything EDM

It’s 2021, and the COVID-19 pandemic is still lurking around. The world has become more virtually connected that ever before, so how can indie musicians fall behind? ‘Virtual Friends’ is an EP, that was conceptualised and produced during the lockdown of 2020 by Yatra Music, a three-piece electronic project from Himachal Pradesh, India. The band was formed in 2018, consisting of three members, Anikate Sood, Dhruv Sharma and Prateek Sheth Dawesar. Internationally renowned EDM artists such as Illenium, Au5, Seven Lions, have played a major role in shaping their sound. The artists, being born and brought up in the serene state of Himachal Pradesh, also wish to promote and express their cultural roots through their music. This is reflected in their single ‘O Sumitra’ which is an endearing track reminiscing the beauty of the hills.

Their debut EP ‘Virtual Friends’, has been influenced by the artists’ own lives and the happenings they witnessed everyday. It was written down in the form of poetry and eventually was converted into songs and melodies to be cherished by the audience.  This EP comprises scintillating yet aggressive hook lines, along with heartfelt lyrics. Upbeat tunes, electro-house, future bass music and feel-good melodies characterize this EP. The tracks on the EP revolve around themes of life, introspection and happiness. The songs are groovy and uplifting, and some of them have Bollywood influences as well.

The first track ‘Kyu Hum Chale’ has an electro-pop intro, and an overall cheerful vibe. The vocals by Prateek are soothing, along with a slick bass drop just before the chorus. This song is a reflection of a person’s soul wondering why things went the way they did at different times in life. ‘Zindagi’ is an uplifting track, with trap and dubstep influences. This track is about looking for happiness and contentment within one’s own self, and living life to the fullest. ‘Sukoon’ is a post-rock flavoured track that talks about a safe haven, where we all yearn to go for peace and serenity. ‘Yeh Pal’ is a touching outro to the EP, and gives us a message to enjoy the present moment, wherever we are.

Sharing their recipe for success, they advise young musicians to freely flow with every musical idea they get and subsequently record or write the same. Quoting India’s renowned poet and lyricist, Javed Akhtar, they say the key to succeed is taking decisions from your heart and working to achieve your goals with the mind.

This EP has the right mix of various EDM genres, ranging from electro, house, future bass to trap and dubstep. The incorporation of peaceful lyrics, with thumping EDM sounds from a variety of genres is refreshing and unique. Lyrically, the songs on the EP are heart-warming and relatable, as they resonate with most of our life experiences as well. This EP is a perfect if you are looking for music that is soulful, and at the same time you want to groove and dance to it as well. After listening to this EP, it would be safe to say that Yatra is definitely going places in the indie music industry.

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