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Tre Ess’ “Sipping Off Troubled Waters” Highlights The Strife Of India’s Tribal Communities

Indian Hip-Hop has long seen an output of great emcees from each of its metropolitan regions. This stands true not just for lyricists, but also for the overall musical output that India is pushing out. But there are some pockets of India that are nurturing an amazing breed of alternative Hip-Hop music. Hailing from Ranchi, Jharkhand – Tre Ess is carving a niche in the Indian hip-hop soundscape. The sounds he creates are almost like he has absorbed the soul of the city and has taken a trip along with it. And of course, this would stand true – because through his EP “Sipping Off Troubled Waters”, he spotlights tribal strife in the country.

“Sipping Off Troubled Waters” explores stories through Tre Ess’ point of view, with an off-center flow, tardy but brazen delivery and straightforward lyricism. These stories centre around the plight of India’s tribal people. The songs also include stories about his present ordeals, his environment, his hometown of Jharkand and also his socio-political views. It is more an exploration of an art form, a journey of ideas and experiments translating themselves into what we call a promising sound. This is how an artist evolves and we can see the progression in each track.

With multiple heavy features on tracks like Dough, Aparna, Owl Hours and Fakir, Tre Ess doesn’t seem to fall under pressure. Neither do the features overshadow his own verses or style, the transition is smooth and it’s as if the whole EP is a merged package instead of separate systems being forced in place. Listeners will find songs like Owl Hours, What Do Kids Know, Mei X Superpower by 2020, and Troubled Waters as standout tracks. The production on each track is a harmonized medley of various instruments, vocal samples all coming together in perfect time.

Stream the EP and get a taste of Ranchi/Bangalore Hip-Hop sounds, learn something new with Tre Ess as he takes you on a journey into the world of tribals through hip-hop.

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