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The Dots’ “Green Moss & Pitfalls” Is A Quirky Musical Wonderland From Kolkata’s Indie-Rock Marvels

The Dots, a 6-piece indie-rock act from the city of Kolkata, recently dropped their latest EP, Green Moss & Pitfalls, and it’s like a cozy musical blanket wrapped around your soul. Picture this: soft rock vibes, acoustic guitars doing a dance with warm bass lines, minimalistic drumming keeping it chill, and electric guitar phrases that hit you right in the feels.

Let’s talk vocals – they’re not just singing; they’re telling stories. Emotional and evocative, The Dots pull you into their world from the get-go. “Lemon Pepper” kicks things off, and it’s the musical equivalent of a warm hug. Wholesome, hearty, and dripping with nostalgia, it’s like a stroll down memory lane. Now, “Stray” takes a different route, giving you those pop-rock feels. Heartfelt and oozing saudade, it’s like a soundtrack to those lazy summer days that you wish could last forever. But wait, there’s more – electronica and synth elements jump into the mix, giving it an extra flavor. And that guitar solo? Pure rock magic.

“Tangerines” rolls in with a ukulele intro, throwing in a bit of folksiness. There’s a touch of melancholy, but the bouncy basslines and fuzzy electric guitars bring out the cheerfulness. It’s like The Dots invited Peach Pit, Beach Weather, and Mild Orange to a jam session, and this track is their love child. Closing the EP is “Fly Away,” and it’s the musical equivalent of floating on a cloud. Soft, flowy, and with a buoyant vibe, it’s like The Dots channeled the spirit of old-school Bryan Adams. It’s got that 60s rock flavor that makes you want to hop in a time machine and groove with the flower power crew.

Green Moss & Pitfalls is a carefully curated mixtape of The Dots’ musical prowess. It’s like they took all the good bits of soft rock, stirred in their unique style, and served it up with a side of nostalgia. This EP isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a journey. The band has leveled up, folks, and this new EP is the proof. So, grab your headphones, hit play and let The Dots take you on a ride through their musical wonderland.

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