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Singles Roundup #64: Indie, Hip-hop, Jazz and More!

Discover some of the best indie and soulful music coming out of India with these 15 talented artists. From laid-back summer vibes to heartfelt ballads, each artist brings a unique energy and style to their music. Read more below!

1. Taakat- Seedhe Maut, DJ SA ft. Lil Bhavi

Delhi-based duo Seedhe Maut in collaboration with DJ SA and Lil Bhavi release their latest hip-hop track ‘Taakat’. The track is a hard-hitting commentary on the educational and employment systems in India. The duo’s relentless pursuit to shatter social conventions imposed on them since childhood is evident in every bar. The production by DJ SA and Calm is impressive and takes the song to another level and Lil Bhavi’s verse adds an extra layer of intensity to the already powerful track. 

2. ADHD- Nive 

New-Delhi-based singer-songwriter, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Nivedita Lakra aka Nive releases her latest song titled ‘ADHD’. The song is a chill acoustic track with poetic lyrics that showcase Nivedita’s inner voice helping her through her mental health issues. The guitar work is particularly impressive, and the melody is catchy and memorable. 

3. Dust and Bones- Ankit Shrestha

Nepal origin Ankit Shrestha’s latest single ‘Dust and Bones’ is a beautiful and introspective track that showcases his impressive songwriting and production skills. The melancholic melody is augmented by Shrestha’s plaintive vocals which convey an emotional depth that is extremely rare.The stripped-down arrangement highlights the power of the lyrics and Ankit’s emotive voice.

4. The Search for Wild Geese- Anoushka Maskey

Anoushka Maskey and her team, Cosmic Grooves, have delivered a soothing and inventive bossa nova jazz single with “The Search for Wild Geese”. The song’s lyrics are raw and relatable, pouring out her heart’s desire for deep, meaningful, and lasting connections. The instrumentation of the song immerses the listener in a laid-back ambiance that is both calming and thought-provoking. 

5. Parasol Pine- L.Y.D

Mumbai and Munich-based vocalist, composer/producer, and DJ Lydia Hendrikje aka L.Y.D releases her latest song titled ‘Parasol Pine’. Parasol Pine’ is a delightful summer track filled with bouncy, feel-good vibes. The instrumentation is quite quirky and playful, adding to the overall charm of the song. The lyrics speak about the importance of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life and finding joy in the simple things.

6. Din Dhal Jaayenge- Shubham Kabra

Shubham Kabra’s latest single “Din Dhal Jaayenge” featuring Garvit Soni is a beautiful blend of soul and indie folk music. Shubham’s honey-like voice and the soothing flute melody make for a perfect combination that touches the listener’s soul. The lyrics are simple yet profound, with a deep emotional connection that tugs at your heartstrings.

7. Sukoon- Jyoti Kavi

Independent singer-songwriter Jyoti Kavi is back with her latest single ‘Sukoon’. This soulful single is inspired by her personal life experiences and talks about finding inner peace and getting away from the chaos of the world. Her control over her voice is impressive, and she effortlessly hits the high notes in the chorus.

8. Fight- Kiss Nuka

Mumbai-based multi-disciplinary artist and activist Anushka Manchanda aka Kiss Nuka releases her latest song ‘Fight’. The song was created over a decade ago to help the artist cope with the injustices she observed in the world.  The song features a sparse bassline by Abhinav Bora and keys by Utkarsh Dhotekar. The track has a minimalistic approach with the focus being on the lyrics and the artist’s voice.

9. We Made Us- Vaani Bhasin

Delhi-based dentist turned singer/songwriter Vaani Bhasin releases her latest track ‘We Made Us’. The track is a heartwarming and uplifting song that captures the essence of surrendering to love.The song’s production by Karan Parikh, drums by Vaibhav Ahuja (Groovee), mixed, and mastered by Trosk creates a sonically rich soundscape that takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions. The soft guitars and vocals at the beginning gradually build momentum, culminating in a power-pop vibe.

10. One Woman Band- Sukhnidh

Sukhnidh Kaur’s debut single, “One Woman Band,” is an intimate and emotional pop-ballad that showcases her powerful vocals and honest songwriting. The lush production and melancholic piano chords set the tone for the heart-wrenching lyrics, which delve into Sukhnidh’s fears of rejection and self-doubt.

11. Adhoora- Harshit Chopra, Tansen

Harshit Chopra and Tansen have created a beautiful indie trackwith their latest song, “Adhoora”. This emotional ballad perfectly captures the essence of missing someone you love and showcases the power of love and the enduring bond between two people. The simple yet impactful guitar riff and heartfelt lyrics make “Adhoora” an unforgettable song. It’s the kind of song that will stay with you long after it’s over, leaving you with a deep, meaningful feeling.

12. Jupiter’s Moon- Diya Maeve

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Diya Maeve releases her fifth single titled ‘Jupiter’s Moon’, a beautiful piece of work that combines the themes of love, longing, and a different dimension. The song flows effortlessly and takes the listener on a magical journey where they feel transported to another world. Throughout the track, Diya’s songwriting and storytelling abilities shine, as she captures the intricate details of one’s feelings and thoughts when in love.

13. See you again- Gregory Ford Nongrum

Shillong-based guitarist/producer/songwriter Gregory Ford Nongrum releases his debut single ‘See you again’. The song is a beautiful time capsule of a love that is slipping away, as the narrator tries to hold on to the memories of a once great relationship. The instrumentation, which was all done by Greg (excluding drums), is top-notch and adds to the overall melancholic vibe of the song. 

14. Good Luck- Karan Ghosh ft. Rish

Karan Ghosh’s latest single “Good Luck” featuring The Rish is a soulful and emotional exploration of the struggles of love and acceptance.The lyrics are poignant and relatable, exploring the pain of heartbreak and the importance of standing up for oneself. The song is a departure from Ghosh’s previous work in Progressive Rock, Metal, and Blues, and showcases his versatility as a songwriter and composer.

15. Wish I Got More Time- Nidhi Wagle

Nidhi Wagle’s latest single ‘Wish I Got More Time’ is a heartfelt tribute to her beloved dog who passed away during the pandemic. The song is a soulful ballad that resonates with raw emotion, expressing the feelings of loss that accompany such difficult times. Wagle’s writing shines through in the lyrics, capturing the essence of grief through the beauty and fragility of her voice and melody.

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