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Singles Roundup #60: Electronica, Hip-hop, Acoustic, and more!

In this roundup, we explore some of the most innovative and exciting new tracks in the Indian independent music scene. From electronica to hip-hop, there’s something on this list for everyone who’s looking to discover emerging artists and genres. So, plug in your headphones and dive into this list of incredible songs!

1. Breathe- Kamakshi Khanna

Kamakshi Khanna’s new single ‘Breathe’ is a masterpiece of raw emotion and stunning instrumentation. The track starts with gentle notes of the ukulele and progresses to powerful drums that bring an intensity to the song that can only be matched by the heart-wrenching emotion in Kamakshi’s voice. She perfectly captures the tumultuous mental state of someone struggling with anxieties and doubts, as ‘Breathe’ builds to a powerful crescendo. 

2. Road to Sangla – Goya feat. Mir Kashif Iqbal

‘Road to Sangla’ by New-Delhi-based producer Abhishek Sekhri is an aural experience like no other. With its evocative combination of ambient synthesizers and electric guitars, Sekhri’s song perfectly captures the atmosphere of Sangla Valley. The track features artist Mir Kashif Iqbal on electric guitars and the song was mastered by Idania Valencia. It begins with a driving electronic beat that sets the tone for the rest of the track, leading us down a musical journey to the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas. 

3. Another Avenue- Arrows ft Riya Duggal

Mumbai-based music project Arrows and Riya Duggal team up for their new single ‘Another Avenue’, a dynamic and upfront pop track with a highly-influential 80s vibe. It starts with a tantalizing bass hook from David Britto, then Riya’s vocal prowess take over as the melody builds. The production from Jason D’Souza is outstanding and the feel-good track is guaranteed to get stuck in your head, and is sure to be a summer anthem. 

4. Rijhaaun – Utsavi Jha

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Utsavi Jha is back with another soulful track by the title ‘Rijhaaun’ which means to please and entertain someone. The track is a delightful blend of jazz and romance, and consists of sweet and mellow instrumentals. Utsavi’s beautiful and passionate vocals fill the song with a sense of longing and desire for her special someone, and the track has a dreamy vibe to it.

5. Desh di Awaaz- tricksingh

Tricksingh’s fourth single ‘Desh Di Aawaz’ is an incredible testament to the power of blended cultures. An inspiring mix of English and Punjabi, the track is a trilingual treat with dynamic vocal styling. The music is anthemic, featuring Punjabi folk instrumentation with resonant sitar melodies, punchy tabla beats, and influential west coast rap.

6. L.O.M.L.- Varun Agnihotri x Sanchi

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Varun Agnihotri releases his latest single ‘L.O.M.L.’ an upbeat and heartwarming song in collaboration with the artist Sanchi. The lyrics are full of optimism and reflect on the power of love. Varun’s guitar playing is impressive, blending funk, rock, and R&B to create a unique and textured sound. Sanchi’s vocals compliment the track perfectly, bringing out the emotion and hopefulness of the song. 

7. Friday Night – Nidhi Wagle

Mumbai-based 21 year old singer/songwriter Nidhi Waghle releases her latest song ‘Friday Night’. The track is an ambitious and emotive pop-anthem, with a powerful yet sensual delivery. Nidhi’s vocals take the listener on a rollercoaster of emotions as she sings of a familiar yet sought-after relationship. She expertly captures the complexity of the situation in her poetic lyrics, making it a relatable listening experience. 

8. A Calendar To Get By- Radhika and Luv

Pune-based artists Radhika and Luv release their latest collaborative track ‘A Calendar To Get By’ which is a perfect accompaniment for anyone dealing with a broken heart. Their melancholic lyrics capture the essence of heartache and the warm and uplifting production offer soothing comfort. The Ukulele sounds simple yet intricate and Radhika’s heartfelt vocals provide a light and airy feel throughout. 

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9. Kaapsacha Kaalij- Shreyas

Pune-based writer/rapper Shreyas releases his latest single ‘Kaapsacha Kaalij’ which was produced by the Lucknow-based producer Devonian. The song illuminates the struggles of the Indian working-class and the lyrics are incredibly vivid. He talks about starting his day with the privilege to take a vehicle to his studio, yet also having to rely on his ‘Sharing Auto Rickshaws’ for the daily commute. 

10. BARSA- Joshua Singh & Mai Farosh

‘Barsa’, the new single from Joshua Singh and Mai Farosh, is a masterful combination of traditional and Avante Garde influences. The track begins with a gentle guitar melody, setting the tone and welcoming the listener into a safe space. This track is a moving and has an emotive production, one that will resonate with listeners of all ages. 

11. JIYE – Ridáy (ft. Nimesha)

Riday’s new single “Jiye” in collaboration with Nimisha Tiwari is a captivating blend of Indian Classical vocals and Deep House/Techno. The song is uniquely haunting and envelops listeners in its mix of styles. Riday skillfully combines soft, ethereal vocals with hard-hitting, pulsing beats to create an evocative and mesmerizing track.

12. Chhoti Si Baat- Akshay Nandakumar

Bangalore-based singer/songwriter Akshay Nandakumar releases his latest single ‘Chhoti Si Baat’. The track is a deeply moving song about the struggles of mental health, feelings of inadequacy, depression, and body image issues. The song expresses how it can be hard to talk about such issues and how music can offer solace to those experiencing such feelings. 

13. Lover//I’m Waiting – Kriti B

Kriti B’s track ‘Lover//I’m Waiting’ is a soulful and melancholic song that speaks of nostalgia, missed opportunities, and lost love. The song starts off with a soulful guitar and Kriti’s beautiful vocals. As the song progresses, the instrumentation grows to include subtle percussion, a dreamy piano and a hint of bass.

14. Tum Na Ho- Gaurav Tophakhane

Gaurav Tophakhane’s new single, ‘Tum Na Ho,’ is an exquisite blend of plaintive lyrics and gentle melodies. The song is a melancholic exploration of being left behind and the emptiness that lingers afterward. Gaurav’s soothing vocals coupled with vibrant instrumentation create a captivating and emotive soundscape.

15. Khaamiyan- Tarunbir Singh

Delhi NCR-based singer/songwriter Tarunbir Singh releases his fourth single ‘Khaamiyan’ which is a part of 6-song album. The song ‘Khaamiyaan’ is an incredibly moving story of heartbreak and resilience. The emotional resonance of the song is transcendent and the plain sailing melodies add fervour to the song.


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