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Singles Roundup #58: Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Carnatic-Jazz Fusion and More

2022 has been a roller-coaster ride and as we step into 2023, music has continued to take centerstage. This roundup is the perfect way to kickstart the new year featuring a unique selection of singles ranging from hip-hop to alt rock, from acoustic to funk – it is all here. So let’s get into the groove and experience the vibrancy of the Indian music scene!

1. Yeh Jo Zindagi- Amartya Bobo Rahut

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Amartya Bobo Rahut releases his latest acoustic track ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi’. The track was mixed and mastered by Aman, and penned by Siddhant Kaushal. Amartya Bobo’s vocals are perfectly complemented with a beautiful guitar accompaniment and the song is a delightful ode to the gift of life.


2. Gabrielite- Darren Fernandes

Mumbai-based musician Darren Fernandes releases his debut single by the title ‘Gabrielite’. The song consists of acoustic tunes along with a smooth, breezy flute which brings out the fragile emotions of a character named ‘Gabrielite’ whose superpower is overthinking. The protagonist’s inner world is revealed through the song and the light, yet heartfelt lyrics manage to evoke a sense of empathy for the character. 

3. Daud- Jazbaatiya

Noida-based singer-songwriter Jazbaatiya releases his debut single ‘Daud’ in which he talks about how we lose ourselves in pursuit of being someone. The song consists of lyrics written in Hindi and English. The song insists us to take a breather and take a step back and look at our realities. It is a beautiful acoustic track with a melancholic message about life and a gente reminder for the listeners to pause and reflect. 

4. Fairy Tale- Arjun C

Arjun C’s latest single “Fairy Tale” is a dreamy little synth-pop track that encompasses all aspects of pop music. The sound of this track is both groovy and upbeat, providing a perfect backdrop for Arjun C’s unique and sultry vocals. 

5. Homecoming (Reprise) | The Anirudh Varma Collective

New-Delhi-based contemporary Indian Classical Ensemble The Anirudh Verma Collective release their alternative acoustic version of their track ‘Homecoming’ which talks about companionship and comfort. The acoustic version captures the song’s raw emotion, and the intricate and delicate instrumentation beautifully complements the subtle and thoughtful lyrics. 

6. fake flowers & reassurances- Vivienne Valladares

Goa-based 22-year-old singer/songwriter Vivienne Valladares releases her debut single by the title ‘fake flowers & reassurances’ which is an alt-indie track that reflects on the melancholic journey of slowly detaching from a dead relationship. The song is characterized by its soft and breezy melody, which is enhanced by the minimalistic piano and strings. The clever use of poetic lyrics and metaphors encapsulates the feelings of love and loss.

7. Me, You, & the Stars- Diya Maeve

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Diya Maeve releases her fourth single ‘Me, You, & the Stars’. The song is dedicated to young love and the simple yet profound moments that build up those special connections between two people. Her sweet and mellifluous vocals carry the listener through the feelings of the song, as it’s a simple and intimate story that resonates with all of us.

8. Nine to Five- DXVTA ft I-CE

Delhi-based indie hip-hop artist Dev Kumar aka DXVTA releases his latest song ‘Nine to Five’ featuring music producer I-CE. ‘Nine to Five’ is a surging anthem for youths stuck in the mundane 9-5 work life.The fiery hip-hop beat and DXVTA’s delivery of his swift rap verses makes ‘Nine to Five’ an invigorating listening experience. 

9. Void- Aanchal Bordoloi feat. Sanketh

Bangalore-based 22-year-old singer/songwriter Aanchal Bordoloi releases her latest single by the title ‘Void’ featuring Sanketh. The song is a captivating, soulful and powerful exploration of existential crisis and unrequited love. Aanchal’s stunningly raw and evocative lyrics, along with Jitesh Jadwani’s production, gives the track an immense emotional charge.

10. But I Do- Rishaad

Gurgaon-based rapper Rishaad Chaudhary releases his latest single ‘But I Do’ in which he talks about his dire situation after a break-up. ‘But I Do’ is a captivating exploration of heartbreak and the melodic-rap track is accompanied with a pop-infused thumbing baseline. ‘But I Do’ is Rishaad’s sixth single and is an excellent addition to his indeed impressive discography. 

11. On Our Own – Atteev

Mumbai-based producer-singer Atteev releases his latest hip-hop/pop single ‘On Our Own’. The song is a poignant and powerful exploration of the struggles of feeling lost and estranged in a fast-paced world. The arrangement seamlessly conveys the melancholia of loneliness, while at the same time providing comfort and hope through togetherness. 

12. No Visa Needed – Jatayu X Taku Yabuki

Chennai-based band Jatayu in collaboration with Tokyo-based pianist Taku Yabuki release their latest single ‘No Visa Needed’. The track is purely instrumental, blending Indian Carnatic music with jazz rock, and blues to create a soulful and meaningful experience. As the title suggests, the combination of both artists from two different countries, emphasizes the idea of how music unites all languages. 

13. Screwed In Sanity- Abhishek Hazarika

Noida-based Rock Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Composer & Rhythm Guitarist Abhishek Hazarika releases his fourth single ‘Screwed In Sanity’ from the debut EP ‘BRIGHTENDASH’. The track is an intense and powerful progressive rock song that talks about the mental distress that many students in India face due to exam pressure. The six-minute track fuses Hindustani classical music with Tool, Opeth, and Rage Against The Machine to create an engaging, captivating mix of genres. 

14. Chandani Gali- Sanskaar Singh, Rakka

Sanskaar Singh and Rakka take us to the imaginary world of Chandani Gali with their new single. The song reimagines a friendly neighbourhood from the days of yore and all the utopian possibilities within it. Sanskaar’s rap skills and Rakka’s production skills bring alive the vibrant atmosphere of the place and carries a certain level of nostalgia and hope in the track.

15. Heartache With a Dream – Mangas

Chennai-based alternative singer/songwriter Aditya Rao aka MANGAS releases his latest indie-pop track ‘Heartache With a Dream’. The track features retro influences in its sound production and features a unique, yet uplifting melody. The song is written from the perspective of a person who is confused as to whether he should pursue his heart or his dream.

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