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Singles Roundup #18: Diversify Your Paylist With These Latest Tracks

2020 has been brutal to everyone in the music industry. One thing which kept us all going these past few months, or in fact through this entire year has been music. Despite the fact that the music industry was probably one of the first to shut down, and still not be able to reopen completely, Indian musicians have taken this time to let their creative juices flowing. Every day we see a plethora of new songs being released and we at the Indian Music Diaries are creating our monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. Raahi by Adi Verma ft. Ram Mahajan and Saransh Shukla

Bhopal-based songwriter, composer, producer and drummer Adi Verma collaborated with Ram Mahajan and Saransh Shukla to release his debut single Raahi. The track with its soulful melodies and lyrics, beautifully captures the complexities of relationships and the emptiness they leave behind. This personal song portrays the struggles experienced in all relations and endeavours.

2.  Jeene De by HelloDuck

HelloDuck, an EDM pop duo released Jeene De which will be the first single from their forthcoming EP Yaadein. This song is about unhealthy relationships, where a person goes through a breakup but the toxicity, memories and the person itself lives in your head and keeps affecting you every day. The introduction to the EDM part in the middle of the song is definitely worth the wait and bound to take the listener by surprise!

3. Stuck by The GAP ft. Yamini Lavanian

Pune-based composer, producer and flautist Gandhaar Amin who goes by the alias The GAP collaborated with Bangalore-based singer Yamini Lavanian for his latest single Stuck. This track talks about a feeling of being stagnant in life, wanting to move on, but not knowing how to. The track also features clips of world leaders talking about the global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. The laid-back beats along with Lavanian’s vocals create a perfect R&B chill vibe for the listener.

4. Zinda by Harish Budhwani

Singer-songwriter Harish Budhwani released his latest song Zinda. The track revolves around the idea of a guy who is deeply connected to nature, finds himself being alone because people value the materialistic world more. This soulful track will make you relax but at the same time ponder about life.

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5. Preach by Kjo ft. Akshetha Ashok

Bangalore-based singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Kevin Joseph who goes by Kjo released his latest song Preach in collaboration with Akshetha Ashok. With the help of Ashok’s powerful vocals, this track is now part of the increasing hip hop culture in the city.

6.  Memories, For Now by Maaya Mattoo ft. Maadhavan Bhattacharjee

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Maaya Mattoo collaborated with guitarist and audio engineer Maadhavan Bhattacharjee to co-produce her latest song Memories, For Now. Featuring folk and choir elements, along with acoustic guitars, Mattoo’s soulful vocals create a soothing feeling for the listener. The song is about how the year 2020 has been and the memories we’re left with to reminisce about. It’s about living a life online and looking ahead, with a sense of hope.

7.  Maybe Maybe by Aryan Bhagat

Delhi-based producer and songwriter Aaryan Bhagat released his latest single Maybe Maybe. Along with a prominent bassline, and energetic beats, this pop/rock song also features a catchy hook while also dabbling into the electronic genre.

8. RIOT by Mission: Recovery

Vishal Pisharoti who goes by Mission: Recovery as his stage name, is a rapper who has released his latest single RIOT. This rap/rock song predominantly features distorted guitars, loud thumping drums, and Pisharoti’s growls which exemplify the angst into the song.

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9. It’s Only Right by Anirudh Singh Chohan

Delhi/Singapore-based songwriter Anirudh Singh Chohan released his latest single It’s Only Right. This seven-minute song starts off with laid back bass lines, mellow guitar riffs, sultry, calming vocals and it gradually progresses to more slick guitar riffs and groovy steady drums. This song is also a collaborative effort between Chohan on guitar and bass, Adhiraj Mustafi playing the organ, Sami Khizilbash who is a Pakistani drummer, and Parijat Mishra.

10.  Bring Me To The End SkyEyes

Delhi-based band SkyEyes released their latest single Bring Me To The End. This blues rock track features a dominant groovy bassline with catchy guitar riffs to give this blues song the rock element. This song talks about the troubles of musicians during these times along with the current state of the world where negative aggressive thoughts are being used to influence the mass rather than logical thinking and debate though a monologue type verse in the second half.

11.  Gunj by Journey to Nowhere ft. Imran Khan

Surat-based band Journey To Nowhere collaborated with Imran Khan who acted as the lyricist and vocalist for their latest single Gunj. This rock song, with distorted guitars and soaring soundscapes makes the listener contemplate over things after listening. The track is about the myopia which we as ‘civilized beings’ have continually shown. It is our own voice from the past talking to us, whispering to us about the terrible decisions that we have continually made and still continue making them.

12. Malhaar by Arun Kamath ft. Akshay Yesodharan,Vineeth Jayan, ZIA

Arun Kamath, Akshay Yesodharan, Vineeth Jayan and ZIA came together to release a new single Malhaar. This Malayalam song features pop tunes with a catchy, fun melody.

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13. Kingdom by Khanvict ft. Amritha Shakti

Canada-based producer Asad Khan who goes by the alias Khanvict collaborated with Australian-based singer Amritha Shakti. Khan is known for his sound which seamlessly blends eastern influences of Bollywood and Punjabi music with signature West Cost bass music punch whereas Shakti is a soul and RnB singer-songwriter dabbling in South Indian and semi-classical music. This track a seamless expression and blend of both of these in Shakti’s native language Tamil. The song Kingdom is about the story of liberation and a young Goddess finding her power.

14. Parallax by Oceans Within

Bangalore-based ambient rock band Oceans Within released their latest single Parallax. This heavier progressive rock track features intricate drum parts paired with polyrhythmic guitars.

15.  Chai by UK47

Chamoli, Uttrakhand-based producer, songwriter and rapper UK47 released his debut single Chai. The simple, relatable lyrics along with soothing vocals creates a nostalgic experience for the listener. This track is about the art of letting go while beautifully reminiscing the lovely memories.

With the future of live music still bleak, musicians can definitely use all your support. Stream their music, encourage them, give feedback, support them in any way possible. After all, music is what has helped in getting us through this year full of uncertainties.

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