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“In Space and Time” By Dark Light Progressively Warms The Heart

What happens when you combine an exquisite and soulful musical arrangement laid out against a dreamy soundscape, which is further complimented by beautiful and sublime vocals? The answer is Dark Light. This band is the brainchild of Anand Pilakkar, Mohammed Uvais, Jose Xavier, Shakti Prasad and Kailash Suresh which saw its inception back in 2013. The band was a conduit for the members to compose and proliferate an impactful and evocative sound mutated in their own unique way. The serene music backdrop infused with a heart-warming vocal arrangement evokes a calm and revivifying feeling in the audience.

The band started out like most others, spending a lot of time experimenting with different sounds and feel in an attempt to create something new and unique from that. Upon first glance, the sound this band champions does remind one of other famous and revered progressive rock bands out there that specialize in a similar sound plane such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and The Pineapple Thief. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t have to pay a lot of attention in order to realize that although there might be some passing resemblance, Dark Light’s composition always sports a different feel and overall effect on the audience which is definitely unexampled. The band’s rising fame and success can be accredited to the current lineup – Jose Xavier, Mohammed Uvais, Anand Pilakkat and Subir Telang – each of them exquisite and masterful in their departments.

“In Space and Time” by Dark Light

The year 2020 saw the band dropping its debut album called “In Space and Time” on the 21st of June. Recorded and mixed by the band’s very own Mohammed Uvais and mastered by Ted Jensen from Nashville, this album is a holistic summary of the kind of music and sound the band has been trying to achieve since birth. The tracks on this album share a common feature wherein they grab the attention of the audience by introducing them to a serene and beauteous backdrop that is maintained throughout the entire song which is then layered with a bevy of heart-warming tones from various instruments with the vocals to substantiate the arrangement to give it a celestial form. The songs “Valhalla” and “Sinkin Deep” were released as singles prior to the album.

In a nutshell then, Dark Light belongs in that niche community of bands that bear testament to the fact that perseverance and a firm belief in one’s ability to explore the untapped depths of the musical universe is always rewarded. The band has gone through its evolutionary phase to come up with this resplendent 6-track album to warm the hearts of its listeners and essentially making a name for themselves among its peers.

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