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How Contests Like “Rebelution” Help Shape The Sound Of Indian Hip Hop Music

For the uninformed Indian hip-hop head, the sounds that pop out of the rap scene consists majorly of the artists that they see on screen. The casual fans are usually unaware of the actual work that goes on behind a song, and in a country with a music industry that is traditionally so tied up with a film industry, this is sadly understandable. Most (fairweather) listeners approach the music as a process which sometimes has them skipping over (and not exploring) the beat makers in the process.

Although Hip-Hop producers do gain their shine via their artists and have helped establish a solid foundation throughout the scene, the success stories in a vastly spread out soundscape don’t do justice to (and by extension, shine true light on) the beat makers of the scene. This was especially true in the yesteryear when there were only a handful of Hip-Hop producers around the country to begin with.

Some of these producers are now shouldering a whole sound on their backs and pushing the movement forward. The “Rebelution” contest series is a prime example of how producers promote healthy competition and push their sounds forward. For 3 years in a row, Delhi based Rapper Producer Rebel 7 has been hosting the “Rebelution” contest that aims to unite producers and promote the elements of collaboration, knowledge sharing and competition between Indian producers.

Between The Bass

Competitions like these are where up and coming producers get their moment to shine. This is the place where true artists mould themselves, upskill and go head on to a whole new learning experience. The rules are pretty simple – follow the artists involved, download the rebelution beat sample (found on Rebelution’s official Instagram), flip the sample in the best way possible, stand a chance to win amazing prizes (along with prize money).

This year, Sez On The Beat, apart from producing huge collaborative efforts, vibey EP’s, and dropping bangers for many artists along the way, is now hosting Rebelution 2020. And the payoff is huge! The winners stand a chance to win Rs. 35,000 along with a chance to collaborate with Sez himself. Along with this, there’s more merchandise to be won by premium clothing camp Urban Monkey.

Final date of submission is July 23rd! Follow @Rebelution2020 for more updates.

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