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Embarking On A ‘Galactic Voyage’- Debut Album by Electronic Act Parasighted

They say that good art is inspired by the world. That it looks deeper into the cause and effect of our actions. In the recent flurry of commercial space travel, it seems that galactic travel that we once only envisioned in movies, could be real. Whether we see the day or not, it definitely helps expand the imagination of those who are creating art.

Parasighted is an electronic act by Saloni Sinha – Experience Designer by day, music composer by night. Her style usually involves sound-scaping with a mix of electronica, and speech samples. She also plays bass and synth for an electro pop-trio called VST along with Tanushree Saha and Vishal J. Singh. With her growing interest in outer space, the debut album is set on a journey to explore the unknown realms of outer space. The album is dedicated to all the souls who have left the Earth during this pandemic, her belief is that they will continue to flourish in a different dimension.

The album plays as a continuous ambient scape with a generous smattering of synth pads and percussive beats that emulate what one would imagine is the experience of drifting through space. Given the nature of the theme, the tracks aren’t an overwhelming rush of emotions, rather a slow navigation through the landscape of the void. The speech samples that the artist has used in places are a grounding element to the spoken language that we humans have widely accepted as the most prominent means of communication.

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To understand more about Saloni’s vision, we asked her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say, edited for clarity:

Tell us a little about how you came to producing this album? What has your journey so far looked like?
My journey on this album began around last year in July when I started my self-initiated project ‘Every once in a while’ which aimed to create a collection of tracks mainly to beat the lockdown blues. The album consists of few handpicked tracks from the project, wherein I’ve collaborated with my friends on a few and was mastered by Vishal J Singh (also plays for Amogh Symphony, VST, Serpents of Pakhangba).

My journey in music production started as I wanted to create music for my own art, and it acted as a catalyst for me to learn more. Though I had been making smaller audio clips for my art before once in a while, the lockdown was a perfect time for me to pursue music production with more dedication.

What does your setup for producing music look like?
My current setup is a mix of analog and digital: I use a midi keyboard, bass, a few percussion instruments like Xylophone Kalimba, Mixers, and a DAW (been using Logic Pro but slowly moving to Abelton Live) for arrangement and production. I pretty much operate everything from my bedroom, while I’m on the move I do try to collect samples from my ambiance around.

What part of music production do you enjoy the most? What part is not the best?
I really enjoy the initial part of experimenting. It’s like a playground where you build things not defined by the end goal and you just enjoy the process. Sometimes when I’m working on individual tracks, I often find myself giving up earlier than actually building them to full-length tracks, and they end up being as short as a single loop. I think I should accept them as challenges and stay patient to build into something more substantial.

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You create spectacular visual art. What did music production teach you about creativity that you weren’t aware of before if anything?
Music production taught me how to completely immerse into the process of experimenting and exploration which exposed me to bring in different perspectives, moods and also know myself better (in terms of style/genre).

What is in store for the future of Parasighted?
I’m currently working on a few tracks with a different flavor, so I might release a few singles before I start working on another EP/album. Also hope to play live when we go back to normalcy, until then I can refine and improvise my skills as a music producer.

It is apparent that Saloni is a promising artist on the block, with a vision that feeds off her creative brain. The purity of an initiative born from creativity shines through in her album and we hope it stays alive as she continues down the road!


Mix and mastered by Vishal j Singh at Pargot studio 

Speech collaborators : Tanushree Saha & Rohini Mohan 

Music produced and written by Parasighted

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