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Donate for Assam flood relief : Attend I&I Sessions X Benazir 5

The Assam floods destroy livestock, habitat and lives every year. This year the flood has affected over 33 lakh people and there is little national-level media concern about it. Lines, in association with Delhi based artist management and event curation agency Unbolly Inc and Skillbox, an art community platform has taken on their venture, Benazir and transformed it to bring about change and offer economic support to the victims. All the proceeds from the event will be used to help the flood victims.

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Janvi Anand

Based out of New Delhi, Janvi Anand (J) is a singer, songwriter, acoustic guitarist and educator. Having performed extensively as a solo artist in India, she currently performs internationally as an Acoustic Pop Rock artist. She likes to talk about human relationships and vulnerabilities through her cross genre compositions.


Bleac(h)ead is a three piece desert and progressive rock band based out of New Delhi. The band is comprised of three ‘plus’ sized gentlemen, who see eye to eye on matters of hardcore riffage, dystopian narratives and audio-visual media in general. Bleac(h)ead is a small band with a big sound. They look to deliver truely analogous musical experiences and spread the gospel of fuzzy, chunky, phat, groovy goodness that is desert rock, all blended with the various influences that they’ve accrued over the years.

The Earflower Experiment

The Earflower Experiment is a solo project run by multi-instrumentalist musician, and producer, Astaaq Ahmed. Rooted in the immediacy and presence of live music, he creates projects that explore the boundaries between acoustic instrumentation and modern production. 

Interested in the invisible connections that exist around us, Astaaq’s music explores the relationships between seemingly disparate elements: silence and form, ancient and future, acoustic and electronic, all blend into a cohesive sonic voice.

Fat Percentage

Fat Percentage is a Delhi based upcoming band who play genres like funk and soul. They celebrate the fact that each of their songs tell a story in a style of their own. The band members experiment with their instrumentation and techniques that allow them to showcase their own sound.

Akanksha Sethi

Akanksha Sethi, with 7 years of classical Hindustani training is our first artist for Benazir 5. She plays mostly country/country pop and is more inclined towards music l that is soothing. She started her musical journey from the Bangalore circuit, and has now set her eyes on Delhi, to woo her audience with her wide variety of musical expertise.

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