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#CDBabySelects Shantanu Gursal aka Smg’s Peppy Electronic Music

Shantanu Gursal aka Smg is a Mumbai-based producer who made his debut earlier this year. With a debut single called ‘Walk’ already well received by listeners, Smg released his second single ‘One Dance’ on 30th October. A glitchy, upbeat pop production, the song bears a testament to Smg’s ability to create peppy numbers that are endearing yet pack a punch.

Shantanu believes that Indian music has a lot to offer to electronic music as a whole. On his latest track he collaborated with Frntflw, an electronic music duo, and Atteev, a bedroom pop and R&B singer-songwriter/producer. ‘One Dance’ is a love story which sets during the end of the world in the first half of the 21st century and travels to a dystopian post-apocalyptic future world made by the people from the above. It is a time travel love story about a couple who died but saved each other by reviving their love in the utopian future-city. On being asked why he makes music, Shantanu says “I make music to express myself, my thoughts and my emotions. I put my true self out through it. I have always had trouble speaking out. With music I can do it loud and clear. I feel music is the strongest form of communication. You could tell a thousand things which are in your mind and heart within a few minutes by using just a few chords and a melody. Music actually makes you feel a feel a feeling and find your true ones. Our life is made of lots of drama I need that to drama make music haha. I would say music gives me the ultimate peace of mind.”

“Along the journey I want to learn all I can about music and aswell share the knowledge to educate and help others. After I finish my bachelors in music at The True School of Music, I want to go ahead and do a masters in Music Innovation at Berklee’s Valencia. One of my dream is to make music education accessible to all not just people living in the urban areas. During all the want to put out as much as music I can both as “Smg” and “kSaya” (Pronounced as Saya). Indian Electronic music is something I want to take forward and evolve more. If incase life doesn’t choose not me, I will do anything in my capacity to help my fellow artists to achieve their dream. Apart from this, I want to bring the actual rave culture here in India, a culture where people come to listen to the artist and his creation, a culture where mutual respect is shown both from the artist and the crowd . Thats what my future looks like.” adds Shantanu.

‘One Dance’ has been released via CD Baby, the largest online distributor of independent music in the world.

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