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Blackblood Returns With A Smashing 17th Edition: Thrash Ka Khatra

Blackblood, a heavy metal gig series from Mumbai is back with its 17th edition. The gig will take place on Sunday, 8th September 2019 at Above the Habitat, Khar. This edition will feature old school thrashers Amorphia (Kerala) and Raid from Hyderabad. Also playing with them are three Mumbai thrash metal bands Sceptre, Carnage InC., and Sabotage, all of whom will be releasing albums at the gig!

Get your tickets to Blackblood 17 here:

As one of the longest standing metal music gig series in the country, this edition of the show will be dedicated to Thrash Metal. It gets its name rhyming with the edition number 17 (Hindi, pronounced: स ह) – Thrash Ka Khatra. Blackblood offers a special edition featuring the following album releases: Sceptre: One Shot One Kill (Celebrating 20 Years of Indian Thrash) Carnage InC.: Tenebris (First Full Length Album) Sabotage: The Order of Genocide (Debut EP) 

In the past editions, Blackblood has seen some of India’s finest metal bands such as Noiseware, Godless, Systemhouse 33, Plague Throat, Primitiv, Albatross, Atmosfear, Dirge, Elemental, to name a few. With a steady growing fan base in Mumbai, the gig is almost a bi-monthly property, the only metal staple the city has seen in the past year. Another series of shows under the Blackblood banner – called ‘United We Groove’ – has also completed 6 editions. The series is dedicated to a mix of indie rock and metal bands. 

On asking founder Adit Khanzode the typical question of ‘why Blacklood’, he said, “There was a time when colleges used to entertain metal music or at least allow metal bands participate in band competitions, but we have seen this culture dying slowly over the years, except a few colleges.” But what really makes Blackblood persist is the support and people who show up at gigs. He added, “The support I have been getting from everyone who’s associated with Blackblood is tremendous and overwhelming. Their belief makes my belief stronger I think we’re doing a fair job after all!” 

The only thing that troubles Adit and organizers doing metal gigs is there’s no buyout by venues to host metal shows. Promoters mostly do not get any fixed amount by venues to do metal shows, and the dearth of venues to host metal in Mumbai has only made it worse. All expenses that go into production of the show and band fees comes purely from ticket sales. “The more ticket sales in advance, the more at peace I can be that I won’t be facing a loss. It also helps cover production expenses and payments I often need to do on the spot or in advance, so it’s always great if people could buy tickets online.” says Adit. 

Get your tickets to Blackblood 17 here:

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