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Black Letters’ ‘Still As You’ Forges A Personal Connection With The Listeners

An anomalous handshake between the elements of alternative rock and electronic music creating a wondrous experience for both the audience and the band itself. That is how one could sum up their experience of to Black Letters’ new album ‘Still as You’. The 3rd release from this Bangalore based band has managed to touch our hearts and minds in more ways than one. Each of the 9 tracks on this album conveys a different and particular message that induces an emotional attachment to the band’s cause.

Still As You’ is a culmination of various points and revelations that most of us experience in our lives. The band attempts to connect to the audience by talking about various personal conflicts, discrepancies and how they link us to the society that we live in. The members of the band are of the opinion that underneath the garb of optimism and camaraderie, there is a layer of incoherence and disruption that is screaming and trying to claw its way into the limelight. This is the kind of emotional and personal connection that the band has attempted to forge through this new album.

Black Letters have always been able to hold their own as one of the best alt-rock bands in the country, owing to their superior musicianship and technical prowess. They have managed a nonchalant transgression into the electronica genre while holding onto their original sound as a base for their musical evolution. Every instrument in this album is beautifully and strategically used in order to uphold that exquisite music. There are sounds and tones that are masterfully produced and layered so as to evoke a mellow trip with a sense of growing urgency. Additionally, the vocals serve as the perfect cherry on top of the cake due to its soothing and savory texture and a euphonic quality that fits perfectly with the progression of the music.

To sum up then, Black Letters has managed to hit it out of the park with their new release. It showcases their talent as musicians and the fact that the indie music scene is safe in the hands of bands like them.

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